CARE Participates in National Jnadriyah Heritage and Culture 2017

The National Medical Care Company through the National Hospital and the Riyadh Care Hospital took part in the  Janadriya National…


  • Human Centric

    In Care we have made our primary concern to focus on the human beings health providing our guest the best facility and care making our human centric both for patients and Care staff. we imply to excel in our agenda of being highly devoted to Care guests and family members by taking steps which will not only make patient’s experience satisfactory but increase staff’s motivation and contentment also.

    In Care We care to focus on satisfied, effective, and empowered workforce. Recruiting and providing opportunities for the talent human centric professionals while polishing their talent and skills, facilitating them in an environment which enhances their expertise giving them much exposure to the real field and gives a chance to Care to serve the community they live in, in a better way.

  • Business Growth

    Growth is an essential and most important factor when it comes to any business. Care’s growth has been increasing steadily in the past few years but to boost it up we have now modified our strategy to bring change in the internal and external development. The strategic objectives they have set are as follows:

    • Growth organically (Internal) and new investment (External)

    • Centers of excellence for specialized service lines

    • Introduced new lines of health and innovative medical services

    Growth is essential to increase shareholder value, financial sustainability and diversification. So these objectives will set us straight on the path to grow our business by motivating us in designing and taking new initiatives building up with proper brand projection to our target audience in order to increase business growth and take it into right direction.

  • Operational Excellence

    Operational stability and quality is of supreme importance for any given organization. To come up with high end facilities and services which not only provide the patients and employees with their needs but also satisfies them is Care’s ultimate goal. This needs an ongoing procedure of internal analysis and continuous evaluation so that so that we can keep up with the demands and requirements of patients and employees but also work in proper function to provide excellence in every field related to work.

    Care has advised and developed a lot of schemes to bring forth the changes essential to this progress by taking into account the needs of the department like aiming for as follows:

    • Hospitals to have improved through transformation and enhance the operations up to best practice based on already established good proven procedures (JCI / CBAHI)

    • Improved Patient Satisfaction

    • Improved Staff Satisfaction

    Internal evaluation should be processed regularly to keep up with the organization’s progress which will affect the supply chain management, revenue cycle and HR. Creating opportunities for the internal growth and addressing the fundamental processes will help in the correct implementation of projects growth, cost reduction and revenue generation.

  • Organizational Health

    Organizational health is ensuring that proper aims are set to motivate and create positive energy among staff and employees with the purpose of these endeavors to be achieved by the company to prosper in future. Introducing new strategies for their growth Care needs to internalize their plan for the objective of healthy development of their organization which is completely aligned with its employees and guests. A climate of healthy environment internally and externally is a dire need with the clear vision of committing to the company’s development irrespective of the internal/ external scenario, should be created. we imply on delivering excellence in executing business strategies and performances. Appropriate methodology should be designed and applied to implement the sops to ensure everyone is on the same page regarding the organizations healthy growth. Some of the initiatives Care targets to achieve these goals are:

    • Communication Campaign

    • Culture Change Management

    • Develop employee loyalty and engagement program

    • Organization Design

    • Succession Planning and Manpower Development

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