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Sayah Hammod Hammod
Sayah Hammod Hammod
Senior Registrar General Surgery

Ranking : General surgery and laparoscopy Specialization: General surgery and laparoscopy Short Bio : High experience in modern laparoscopic surgery; Gastric fundoplication and reflax parietal surgery ; inguinal and umbilical hernia, hiatus diaphragmatic hernia and incisional hernia Colon laparoscopic surgery High experience in open surgery; emergency cases hernia repair all kinds thyroid and parathyroid surgery breast surgery anal surgery , fistula, hemorrhoid (more then 600 stapler hemorrhoidectomy ) . and colo-rectal surgery Qualification : Membership of the Royal College of Surgeons Ireland.MRCS. Profound Specialty Qualification Certificate (AFSA) France. digestive and visceral surgery(AFS)France. Diploma of hepato-biliary surgery France. Diploma colo-proctologie surgery France. Diploma of advanced laparoscopy France.
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