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Abdullah Moneef Seror Aldayhani
Abdullah Moneef Seror Aldayhani
Consultant Endocrinology
Nationality: Saudi
Gender: Male

Qualifications: Saudi Board in Internal Medicine Saudi Fellowship in Adult Endocrinology and Diabetes Cases treated: Management and follow-up of all types of diabetes including gestational diabetes Hypoglycemia Hypertension and Dyslipidaemia Obesity management without surgery Thyroid gland disorders and tumors. Parathyroid gland disorders and tumors. Osteoporosis and Vitamin D deficiency. Adrenal gland disorders and tumors. Pituitary gland disorders and tumors. Hyperprolactinemia , Short stature and growth hormone deficiency, irregular menses and hirsutism. Testosterone hormone disorders. Low and high cortisol hormone Qualification: Saudi Board in Internal Medicine. Saudi Fellowship in Adult Endocrinology and Diabetes. Clinical Assistant Professor American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists Member. Gulf Association of Endocrine and Diabetes Member
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