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Saleh Alnasser
Saleh Alnasser
Consultant Thoracic Surgery
Nationality: Saudi
Gender: Male

Qualifications: Canadian and American board in thoracic and foregut surgery American fellowship for advanced and minimally invasive thoracic surgery and robotic surgery. Cases treated: All surgeries done through minimally invasive techniques Treatment of gastroesopahgeal reflux disease Treatment of esophageal tumors Treatment of Achalasia Treatment of all chest trauma Treatment of pneumothorax Treamtnemt of empyema , bronchectasis and lung abscesses Lung volume reduction for COPD patients All Lung surgeries ( pneumonecttmy , lobectomy or segmentectomy ) for lung cancer or masses Interventional bronchoscopies Esophagogastroscopy All diaphragmatic surgeries Hyperhydrosis surgery ( sympathectomy) All chest wall deformities. All mediastinal diseases and thymic lesions Chest wall tumors
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