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Atif Habashi Alsahari
Atif Habashi Alsahari
Consultant Pediatric Cardiology

Short Bio Examines and treats the following cases, all congenital defects of the heart of children, such as atrial and ventricular parforations, stenosis of valves due to medication and for Catherization method, Diagnosis and treatment of rheumatic heart disease, Treatment of myocardial infractions, coronary artery disease in children, Diagnosis and withdrawal of fluids around the heart muscle, Diagnosis and treatment of chest pain caused by the heart in children, palpitations for children, Work and follow up TV rays of the heart through the esophagus, Cardiac catherization exploratory and therapeutic work. Qualifications Consultant Pediatric Cardiologist, Consultation for interventional treatment by catheterization , Australian Fellowship of Pediatric Cardiology and Interventional for chilren and adult, Felloship of the Prince Sultan Center for Cardiac Diseases and Surgery in Pediatric Cardiology, Arab Fellowship in Pediatrics, Saudi Fellowship in Pediatrics.
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