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Ahmed Hamed Mohamed Gamaleldin
Ahmed Hamed Mohamed Gamaleldin
Consultant Orthopedic

Nationality Egyptian Specialization: orthopedic surgery arthroscopy and sport medicine Short Bio : Joint injuries and fractures, sports injuries, cartilage and ligament injuries, recurrent dislocations, tendons injuries Arthroscopic reconstruction of the cruciate ligament of the knee and all knee injuries Dealing with cases of simple and complex fractures of the limbs and joints Bone diseases and pain, arthritis, stiffness of the knee and shoulder joints, open and arthroscopic surgical intervention, joint injections Release of nerves and tendons surgically and minimally invasive and scope Qualification : arab board orthopedic surgery Egyptian board orthopedic diseases and trauma Board of ORTHOPEDICS the board is accredited by the Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland (IRISH ACCREDITATION MD thesis of arthroscopic ACL reconstruction with PRP aids master degree thesis shoulder arthroscopy
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