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Fares Allosh Alkahtani
Fares Allosh Alkahtani
Consultant Family Medicine

Saudi board in family medicine (SBFM) Arab board family medicine Bachelor degree in medicine and surgery,king saud university 1-Treatment of chronic diseases and common conditions for children and adults (diabetes, obesity,hypertension, hyperlipidemia, asthma, thyroid diseases, joint and muscle pain, back pain, osteoporosis, gout, Chronic headaches, gastrointestinal conditions, colon and respiratory infections). 2-Cases of anemia, follow-up of vitamin deficiency like vitamin d and vitamin b12, hair loss and menstrual disorders. 3-Cases of Urinary tract infection, prostate and reproductive system infections. 4-Treatment of Depression, anxiety disorders, panic attacks and psychological problems. 5-For medical consultations and follow-up preventive examinations and vaccinations for all family membersa. Early screening of chronic diseases.
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