Care Medical Hospital - Almalaz

Care Medical Hospital Almalaz is also owned by the National Medical Care Company. Since 2003, Care took over the mission of developing this hospital, its buildings, its equipment and its support services in the way that meets the advanced medical standards and attracts high specialized candidates. The capacity of the hospital is 459 beds.
As for the Outpatient Clinics, it has:
- Department of Surgery.
- Department of Internal Medicine.
- Department of Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat.
- Department of Urinary Tract.
- Department of Heart Diseases.
- Department of Digestive Diseases.
- Department of Binoculars.
- Department of Plastic Surgery.
- Department of Dermatology.
- Department of Intensive Care for Adults and Children.
- Emergency Department.
- Dental Department.
- Radiology Department.
- Laboratory.
- Blood Bank.
- Department of Physical Therapy.

Caring with every Heartbeat
Caring with every Heartbeat