The Care Academy (CA) at National Care Medical Company (NMCC) was established in February 2016 to provide high-quality training and education across all NMCC business units. Since then, Care Academy has placed a major emphasis on continuing education programs for clinical and non-clinical professions. As well as a strong focus on patient health promotion initiatives, community and school-based programs, undergraduate and postgraduate training programs. Since 2016, Care Academy has been awarded multiple accreditations from the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties, including the Saudi board of internal medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics, and gynecology, surgery, and anesthesia programs, and catered collaborative programs from the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties such as Patient Care Technician, Dental Assistant, Health Security, and Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD) Programs. Care Academy's mission is to nurture and enhance medical students and medical professionals by providing effective management training in order to attain a leading role in continuously improving the performance of the health care system. Care Academy aimed to provide exceptional training and programs to medical students, medical professionals, and hospital medical staff to keep pace with the latest developments, reach the highest standards of training quality in programs offered to individuals, improve the outputs of continuing education and training, raise the level of skills for individuals and society, and form hospital-university partnerships to advance all training fields. Offered Services: • Students’ training • College/University students internship and residency training programs • Employee Training and Development • CPR certification & recertification training course; ACLS, BLS, PALS • Health Education and Promotion • Medical Library and E-library access • A range of short and extended specialized courses, workshop programs, mini-symposia, conferences, and day activities. • Execute collaborative medical training from Health Academy/Saudi Communication for Health Specialties (SCFHS) • Community Education