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Hissah Abdullah Alshuhail
Hissah Abdullah Alshuhail
Occupational Therapist
Nationality: Saudi
Gender: Female

Occupational therapist Hissah Alshuhail Pediatric Rehabilitation Clinic provides services for children with disabilities, for example: ADHD Sensory processing disorders Developmental delays Down Syndrome Autism Chronic illness such as Cerebral Palsy Treatment plan includes : 1. Fine motor skills: focus on grasp and release, handwriting skills, and preschool activities. 2. Hand-eye coordination to improve patient? play skills, such as stacking blocks, hitting a target. 3. Basic self-care to help patient become more independent. For example, showering, dressing, eating and hygiene. 4. Attention and focus: improves social skills and learning and study skills. 5. Behavioral coaching: helps in replacing incorrect behaviors with positive activities such as writing or exercise. 6. Prescribing of and training on assistive equipments/devices, such as wheelchairs and splints. OT intervention targeting to improve patient?s cognitive and motor abilities.
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