Medical Department - Blood Vessels

Blood Vessels

Our Services:

• Varicose veins treatment by injection, laser and radiofrequency.

• treatment of poor circulation in the brain, upper limbs, lower limbs, abdominal organs and aorta without surgery using balloon dilation and stents.

• vascular injuries after any trauma.

• thrombosis and embolism in arteries and veins by surgery and without surgery.

• insertion of IVC filter to stop escape of thrombosis from deep veins to lung and sudden death.

• help renal failure patients to proper dialysis by making vascular shunts and perm Cath.

• Dealing with the diabetic foot and its complications.


The most prominent and distinctive devices used:

• Most recent intervention Cath lab in the world.
• Most recent 4D colored Ultra sound.
• fully occupied tools of catheters, Balloon, and Stents.