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It is normal to have pain, discomfort, perhaps some swelling after a tooth extraction.

There will be slight bleeding for some hours after the extraction.


  1. Do not use any mouth washes or Rinses for 24 hours following tooth extraction.
  2. If bleeding persists after this time, or is excessive, place a rolled up clean handkerchief over the socket and bite steadily and firmly on this for 30 Minutes timed by the clock, do not disturb the handkerchief during this period. This usually stops any bleeding– if not repeat the process. If there is still bleeding return to the Hospital for advice.
  3. Be sure to take any pills or medicines which the dentist prescribes for you, and to return for any follow– up appointments.
  4. Eat and drink carefully— only soft cool food and keep it away from the socket.
  5. After 24 hours do use gentle hot salt mouth washes to keep the socket clean, especially after meals (half a teaspoonful of ordinary table salt in a glass of hot water).