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Home Care for Head Injuries:

Over the next 48 hours, an adult should monitor the patient. They should take pain relievers for headaches as recommended by the doctor and adhere to rest, avoiding screens (video games, electronic devices, and television), noise, and vigorous exercise. Gradually return to normal activities.

If any of the following occur, the patient should go to the hospital for reevaluation and necessary action:

1. Profound lethargy and deep sleep, difficulty waking up.
2. Frequent vomiting or severe nausea preventing eating and drinking.
3. Severe headache and head pain.
4. Feeling of heaviness in the tongue and inability to speak properly.
5. Occurrence of seizures or involuntary movements.
6. Inability to focus and differentiate time, place, and people.
7. Balance disturbance while walking.
8. Disturbance in vision.
9. Feeling of weakness or numbness in the arms and legs or any part of the body.
10. Bleeding or leakage of fluid from the ears or nose.