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Head Injury


Home Care:

  1. During the next 48 hours, a reliable person should carefully watch the patient.
  2. Take painkillers for headaches as recommended by the doctor.
  3. Rest and avoid watching screens (video games, electronic devices, TV) noise, and contact sports.
  4. The return to your normal activities should be gradual.


If any of the following occur, the patient must be brought back to the hospital:

  1. Drowsiness and deep sleep so you can’t wake the patient up.
  2. Frequent vomiting or nausea that prevents the patient from eating and drinking.
  3. Severe headache.
  4. Slurred speech and inability to speak correctly.
  5. If there are convulsions or involuntary movements.
  6. Inability to know place, time and people (confusion).
  7. Imbalance during walking (unsteady Gait).
  8. Visual impairment.
  9. Weakness or numbness of the arms, legs or any part of the body.
  10. Bleeding (liquid leaking) from the ears or nose.