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Why should you breast feed your baby?

 Your milk was made for your baby.

  • It has the right amount of help your baby grow, and is easy to digest.
  • It contains substances which help prevent infection.
  • When your baby is ready to eat, your milk is ready to serve.
  • It’s clean and at the right temperature.
  • There are no bottles to mix or feeding to heat up.


Other benefits for you:

 Breast feeding helps your uterus, which stretched during preg- nancy .to return to approximately its original size more quickly.

  • It can also help you lose weight after your baby is born; it uses some of the extra fat your body stored during pregnancy.
  • Breast feeding delays the return of menstruation, but it cannot be depended on for preventing pregnancy.
  • Breast feeding brings you and your baby together emotionally as well as physically.