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Discharge Instructions POST PCI- Percutaneous Coronary Intervention:

  1. You must make follow up appointments with your cardiologist.
  2. Ask your doctor about your return to work.
  3. Do Not Stop Aspirin without asking your Cardiologist.
  4. Do Not stop your medications without asking your cardiologist.
  5. Ask your cardiologist when you can resume exercises.
  6. Talk with your doctor before taking any herbal teas/supplements.
  7. No heavy activities for 5-7 Days. For example: Do Not lift, push or pull anything that weighs more than 4 Kgs.
  8. Smoking is especially dangerous during the first 4 weeks after a PCI because it will contribute to “clotting” the recently placed stent(s). This can cause a heart attack. It is better to stop smoking during this time or think about a stop-smoking program.
  9. Do Not have a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan during the first 6 weeks After stent placement without a cardiologist’s approval.
  10. Metal detectors do not affect the stent(s).


It is Not Normal if you are bleeding.

If this happened you must:

  • Lie down
  • Ask someone to/Press Down Hard for 15 Minutes just above the hole where the PCI was done.
  • You will know if you are doing this right if the bleeding stopped.
  • Do Not Stop pressing to check under your fingers during the first 15 minutes.
  • If the bleeding has stopped after 15 minutes, rest and lie down for 2 more hours before getting up.


IMPORTANT: If the bleeding does not stop after 15 minutes, Call the ambulance to take you to the hospital.